Development of ICA and IVA Algorithms with Application to Medical Image Analysis [article]

Zois Boukouvalas
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Independent component analysis (ICA) is a widely used BSS method that can uniquely achieve source recovery, subject to only scaling and permutation ambiguities, through the assumption of statistical independence on the part of the latent sources. Independent vector analysis (IVA) extends the applicability of ICA by jointly decomposing multiple datasets through the exploitation of the dependencies across datasets. Though both ICA and IVA algorithms cast in the maximum likelihood (ML) framework
more » ... able the use of all available statistical information in reality, they often deviate from their theoretical optimality properties due to improper estimation of the probability density function (PDF). This motivates the development of flexible ICA and IVA algorithms that closely adhere to the underlying statistical description of the data. Although it is attractive minimize the assumptions, important prior information about the data, such as sparsity, is usually available. If incorporated into the ICA model, use of this additional information can relax the independence assumption, resulting in an improvement in the overall separation performance. Therefore, the development of a unified mathematical framework that can take into account both statistical independence and sparsity is of great interest. In this work, we first introduce a flexible ICA algorithm that uses an effective PDF estimator to accurately capture the underlying statistical properties of the data. We then discuss several techniques to accurately estimate the parameters of the multivariate generalized Gaussian distribution, and how to integrate them into the IVA model. Finally, we provide a mathematical framework that enables direct control over the influence of statistical independence and sparsity, and use this framework to develop an effective ICA algorithm that can jointly exploit these two forms of diversity.
arXiv:1801.08600v1 fatcat:nu2xlytexrcnnblws7zieo77be