Hydro-Damage Properties of Red-Bed Mudstone Failures Induced by Nonlinear Seepage and Diffusion Effect

Zhenni Ye, Xiaoli Liu, Qinxi Dong, Enzhi Wang, Huan Sun
2022 Water  
Nonlinear catastrophes caused by geological fluids are a fundamental issue in rock mechanics and the geoengineering hazard field. For the consideration of hydrodynamic force on red-bed mudstone softening damage, X-ray visualization tests on the fissure flow in mudstone block failure under hydrodynamic force was performed in this study based on block scale, and the physical phenomena of fissure seepage and nonlinear diffusion were further explored. A new method for evaluating the hydro-damage
more » ... rees of rocks using an X-ray image analysis was proposed, and the quantitative relation of diffusion coefficients of hydro-damage and seepage was established. The research results revealed that the hydrodynamic force promoted the fluid-filled fissure behavior in mudstone specimen failure. Furthermore, the seepage and diffusion phenomena of fluid in rocks during failures were indicated using X-ray imaging. A dual mechanical behavior was presented in the nonlinear seepage and abnormal diffusion of a red mudstone geological body under hydrodynamic conditions. The damaged degree of mudstone was aggravated by the effect of hydrodynamic force, and the initial seepage–diffusion coefficient with respect to lower hydro-damage was larger than the final seepage–diffusion coefficient with respect to higher hydro-damage of rocks with a decreasing nonlinear trend.
doi:10.3390/w14030351 fatcat:vgi373sltrf75iudyozdzmywru