Kinetic Determination of Ribavirin in Drug Formulations

A El-Brashy, Z Sheribah, M Sharaf El-Din, R El-Gamal
2007 InternatIonal journal of BIomedIcal scIence   unpublished
two simple and sensitive kinetic methods were developed for the determination of ribavirin in bulk and in its pharmaceutical preparations using alkaline potassium permanganate as an oxidizing agent. the methods are based upon a kinetic investigation of the oxidation reaction of the drug at room temperature for fixed times of 20 and 30 minutes. In the first method, the absorbance of the colored manganate ion was measured at 610 nm, while in second method the reduction in the absorbance of
more » ... bsorbance of permanganate was measured at 525 nm. The absorbance concentration plots were linear over the range of 3-15 μg/ml with detection limits of 0.028 μg/ml in the first method and 0.229 μg/ml for the second method. The proposed methods were applied successfully for the determination of the drug in its pharmaceutical formulations, the percentage recoveries were 100.15 ± 1.34, 100.06 ± 0.86 in the first method, and 99.60 ± 0.54, 100.43 ± 0.82 in the second method. The results obtained were compared statistically with those obtained by the official method and showed no significant differences regarding accuracy and precision.