Husbands' Caring Experiences for Women with Breast Cancer in Korea

Eun Jin Kwon, Myungsun Yi
2013 Asian Oncology Nursing  
Purpose: The purpose of the study was to describe the caring experiences of husbands for women with breast cancer in Korea. Methods: The data were collected by individual in-depth interviews with seven participants during 2010-2012. Transcribed data were analyzed using Colaizzi' s phenomenological analysis. Results: A total of 10 theme clusters were derived from the analysis: Hidden fear of world without wife; Responsibility with guilt for breast cancer; Desperate search for treatment
more » ... treatment information; Becoming active companion of treatment itinerary; Comfort for wife' s hair loss with sympathy; Multitasks undertaken at one time; Gain and loss by coming out publically; Wife-oriented open communication; New alternative sexual life; Everyday life matured by hardship. Conclusion: The results of the study can help oncology professionals in developing couple counseling programs by providing insights of the husbands' experiences of caring for women with breast cancer.
doi:10.5388/aon.2013.13.1.18 fatcat:nikpmlq2lzhi5aswsaynewx2aa