Implementation of Polarization-Insensitive Directional Coupler using Curved Waveguides
곡면형 도파로를 사용한 편광 무의존성 방향성 결합기의 구현

Kwang-Chun Ho
2016 The Journal of The Institute of Internet Broadcasting and Communication  
The polarization characteristics of polarization-insensitive directional coupler based on double sandwiched rib-type and curved waveguides are explored in detail by using conformal transformation method (CTM) and longitudinal modal transmission-line theory(L-MTLT). To obtain the polarization-insensitive condition of polarization-insensitive curved directional coupler(PI-CDC), the coupling length and coupling efficiency according to the inner radius of PI-CDC are analyzed for quasi-TE and
more » ... M modes. The numerical results show that the PI-CDC with a few micrometer scales can be realized by properly choosing the curvature and structural and material parameters of double sandwiched layers. Furthermore, the mode profiles propagating through PI-CDC are evaluated, and the influence on coupler performance has been investigated.
doi:10.7236/jiibc.2016.16.1.239 fatcat:vid7gf7lkfgvdjhobfqeex33ua