Orientational dynamics of the ionic organic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate

Hu Cang, Jie Li, M. D. Fayer
2003 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Optical heterodyne-detected optical Kerr effect ͑OHD-OKE͒ experiments are used to study the orientational dynamics of the ionic organic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate (EMIM ϩ NO 3 Ϫ ) over time scales from ϳ1 ps to ϳ2 ns, and the temperatures range from 410 to 295 K. The temperatures cover the normal liquid state and the weakly supercooled state. The orientational dynamics exhibit characteristics typical of normal organic glass-forming liquids. The longest time scale portion of the
more » ... ata decays as a single exponential and obeys the Debye-Stokes-Einstein relation. The decay of the OHD-OKE signal begins (ϳ1 ps) with a temperature independent power law, t Ϫz , zϭ1.02Ϯ0.05, the "intermediate power law." The power law decay is followed by a crossover region, modeled as a second power law, the von Schweidler power law. The longest time scale decay is the exponential ␣ relaxation. The intermediate power law decay has been observed in van der Waals supercooled liquids previously. These are the first such observations on an ionic organic liquid. The observation of the dynamical signatures observed in other liquids demonstrates that the orientational dynamics of ionic organic liquids are fundamentally the same as van der Waals liquids and supports the universality of the intermediate power law decay in the dynamics of complex liquids. Within the mode-coupling theory ͑MCT͒ framework, the MCT critical temperature T C is estimated to be T C Х255 K.
doi:10.1063/1.1628668 fatcat:shhn3kgzmrc7xf6hmcti5ef7bm