Petrology of the Volcanic Rocks from Bioko Island ("Cameroon Hot Line")

Fadimatou Ngounouno Yamgouot, Bernard Déruelle, Isaac Bertrand Gambie Mbowou, Ismaïla Ngounouno
2015 International journal of geosciences  
Bioko island (3008 m a.s.l.), is composed of the alkaline basaltic lavas (basalts and hawaiites) with xenoliths. These lavas have a microlitic texture and consisted of euhedral to subhedral phenocrysts (>1 mm) of olivine (0.83 < Mg# < 0.87) and diopside ± Ti-augite. Plagioclase (An62-67Ab35-32Or3-1) phenocrysts are present only in hawaiites. In Harker diagrams, SiO2, Al2O3, Na2O and K2O contents of the lavas increase and Fe2O3, MgO and CaO decrease with increasing differentiation from basalts
more » ... hawaiites. The compatible elements Ni, Cr and V decrease strongly in basalts and remain at low levels in hawaiites. Basaltic lavas from Bioko lavas have low Hf contents (4.2 -9.2 ppm) and consequently higher Hf/Zr ratios (50 -90) than those (<50) of similar lavas from other volcanoes of the Cameroon Hot Line. Such high ratios are commonly observed in alkaline basaltic lavas associated with carbonatitic and/or nephelinitic magmatism. The Sr and Nd isotopic compositions point to a slightly depleted mantle source.
doi:10.4236/ijg.2015.63019 fatcat:ebqti4xlbza3vgmkxnxhcoesee