Dual-Band Single-Layer Slot Array Antenna Fed by K/Ka-Band Dual-Mode Resonators in Gap Waveguide Technology

Miguel Ferrando-Rocher, Jose Ignacio Herranz-Herruzo, Alejandro Valero-Nogueira, Mariano Baquero-Escudero
2021 IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters  
This paper presents a 4×4 single-layer dual-band array antenna operating in K and Ka-band using Gap Waveguide technology (GW). Radiating elements consist of I-shaped slots located on the top plate of the antenna and backed by a novel coaxial cavity with dual-frequency operation. The antenna presents two ports, one for each band, and radiates a directive far field pattern with linear polarization. A single-layer wideband corporate-feed network is used to excite the cavities. In addition, a
more » ... n addition, a diplexer is integrated as part of the network to separate both working bands. Experimental results show impedance and radiation pattern bandwidths larger than 2 GHz in both bands.
doi:10.1109/lawp.2021.3054408 fatcat:dcv7wkea4vcbnchyw4untznxfa