How Effective is the U.S. National Security Strategy Policy in Protecting the American People?

Phillip D. Clingan
2019 International Journal of New Technology and Research  
This study discusses the National Security Strategy (NSS) Policy and policy enforcement practices at the Executive Branch level. The research examines and compares the negative and positive impacts of the Executive Branch and the execution of the NSS Policy. A literature review addressing the issue was conducted on primary and secondary sources, which were retrieved from government archives and other sources of data such as institution libraries. The main question behind the study was how
more » ... cal the United States NSS Policy is in protecting the American people. According to the literature review, NSS policy is a critical element in protecting U.S. citizens. It offers a platform for the leading elites to explain the security priorities of the country. Despite being criticized as verbose and lacking specific actionable objectives, the NSS has benefitted U.S. citizens. The policy has been cited as reducing terrorist activities in the world and increasing the safety of American citizens. The policy has offered bases for various actions taken by the American government to protect its citizens, not only on American soil but also in other parts of the globe. Most national security policies illustrate how policies are in a constant state of change and transition as evidenced by changes in international policies between the Obama administration and the previous regime of President Bush. There is a future need to conduct further research on the overall impacts of some policies adopted by the state because they have been faulted as causing more insecurity to the American people.
doi:10.31871/ijntr.5.1.21 fatcat:7cjpfprwgbcwfjr3qdm3vkhzp4