Information technologies in overcoming social isolation of the elderly
Uvod informacione tehnologije u prevazilaženju socijalne izolacije starih osoba

Bojana Jovanović
2020 Sestrinska reč  
The philosophy of independent living of the elderly is so clear and concrete that its basic principles only need to be followed and adjusted to the modern way of life, especially on insisting on the use of information technologies that can be included in the implementation of home care with the social support of the family and the community. Modern approach to health care must not allow the elderly to be passive recipients of health care, but people who can control their lives with the
more » ... s with the application of information technology. The main goal of the application of information technologies is the acquisition of knowledge in the field of informatics and assistive technologies in order to contribute to a greater degree of participation of the elderly in daily activities, health care, social activities, communication, exchange of experiences related to diseases and entertainment and recreation. In addition to health care, information technology also ensures overcoming the increasingly pronounced social isolation of the elderly.
doi:10.5937/sestrec2081004j fatcat:rabjqzana5cyxjeegsikgksjuq