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Sergey P. Zubrilov
2018 Vestnik Gosudarstvennogo universiteta morskogo i rechnogo flota imeni admirala S O Makarova  
An approach is presented to the solution of the problem of improving the physical and chemical properties of water when it is cleaned of contamination by a non-reagent ultrasonic, cavitation method and its development and improvement by using structural concepts on the stabilization of local volumes of water by oxygen obtained as a result of decomposition of water molecules under the action of cavitation. The object of research is contaminated waters of ships, ports, industrial enterprises,
more » ... es and towns. The subject of the research is the phenomenon of the stabilization of water by oxygen and its effect on the physical, chemical properties of water and the possibility of its use for the purification of polluted waters without the use of chemical reagents. During the research, experimental methods were used: thermodynamic, nuclear magnetic resonance, differential thermal, infrared spectroscopy ... The local structure of water is stabilized with oxygen: the heat of dissolution of water samples that have undergone cavitation treatment in comparison with the control samples is reduced. Sparging oxygen into control samples without treatment also reduces the heat of dissolution. The time of spin-lattice relaxation of samples processed by ultrasound in the cavitation regime decreases, the spectral analysis of the processed water samples on infrared spectrophotometers has confirmed the stabilization of water by oxygen. The processes and phenomena of water stabilization with oxygen are theoretically and experimentally substantiated. Oxygen was obtained as a result of the decomposition of water molecules in ultrasonic cavitation fields. Stabilization is ensured by high oxygen paramagnetism in the local aquatic associate. A new economical way to control the properties of liquid media with small doses of oxygen using ultrasound in cavitation mode is patented and used for the purification of polluted waters of ships, ports of industrial enterprises, cities and towns, improving the properties of concretes, water-fuel emulsions, saving of cement and fuel.
doi:10.21821/2309-5180-2018-10-6-1234-1243 fatcat:4spb4qa6zncxvnb5cceuofr5vy