Syamily K R .
2013 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Keyword search in relational database is a technique that has higher relevance in the present world. Extracting data from a large number of sets of database is very important .Because it reduces the usage of man power and time consumption. Data extraction from a large database using the relevant keyword based on the information needed is a very interactive and user friendly. Without knowing any database schemas or query languages like sql the user can get information. By using keyword in
more » ... nal database data extraction will be simpler. The user doesn't want to know the query language for search. But the database content is always changing for real time application for example database which store the data of publication data. When new publications arrive it should be added to database so the database content changes according to time. Because the database is updated frequently the result should change. In order to handle the database updation takes the top-k result from the currently updated data for each search. Top-k keyword search means take greatest k results based on the relevance of document. Keyword search in relational database means to find structural information from tuples from the database. Two types of keyword search are schema-based method and graph based approach. Using top-k keyword search instead of executing all query results taking highest k queries. By handling database updation try to find the new results and remove expired one.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2013.0212054 fatcat:qvbl2hd2dfhj3cacjazkjpwqiq