China treated wood market report

Xingguo Jin
Canada is a resource "rich" country that its economy highly rely on exporting energy and resources to other countries. Forestry sector is an export sector in Canada with long history. There are three major forest products that export to the other countries including pulp and paper industry, newsprint industry and softwood lumber industry. (Forest Product Markets) The U.S. and Europe markets used to be the largest consumers for Canadian forest products exporters. Recent financial crisis in the
more » ... S. and Eurozone crisis decreased forest product import from these two major markets. Canadian exporters need to find an alternative market to offset the losses from these two markets. China as one of the emerging countries in the far East that potentially become the next big consumer. There was already a significant increase in softwood lumber export from British Columbia (BC) to China. The economic situation in China stimulate massive import of different raw materials and finished products. Moreover, Canadian treated wood product industry is one of the important forestry sector in Canada. The report analyze the social, economical, and environmental background of China. In addition, also analyze treated wood market and technology in China to seek the opportunities for Canadian treated wood products marketing in China. Canadian treated wood could possibly develop some presence in market segments, but there are barriers to get in the Chinese market due to pricing, competitions, and different unit systems. There are significant markets for high end use for single housing, tourism area landscaping and public space landscaping, etc.
doi:10.14288/1.0103147 fatcat:bxb722uevfbk7nozpnpjpkr7za