Study about a possibility of the planting increase in an application area of Green Zoning System

Toshio Kobayashi, Sadatsugu Nishiura, Mizuo Kishita, Akira Wakabayashi
2015 Reports of the City Planning Institute of Japan  
The analysis when planting design increased the tree which are tall trees from CO 2 fixed amount and the angle of the cost, was performed about a building which corresponds to Green Zoning System. Some things knew a possibility that the green amount certain degree of which are 1 tall trees and 2 shrubs, etc. as a result of the analysis is increased. It'll be the basic material when doing guidance by administration and help, etc. from now on.
doi:10.11361/reportscpij.14.3_206 fatcat:tdi33scbf5ch7naojadvcrjgei