Escaping Atonement in Sunni Islam: Death by Jihad for Deliverance

Christine Sixta Rinehart
2021 Expeditions with MCUP  
In the Islamic hadith corpus and Quran, the way to atone for sins is called tawba (or tawbah), which requires one to complete a series of steps to receive forgiveness from Allah (God). Jihadist terrorist organizations use primarily Quranic scripture to recruit and employ suicide bombers who may have a guilty conscience for their past sins. It is said that martyrdom, or istishadi, will automatically save Muslims from hell and grant access to paradise no matter the sin committed. One of the
more » ... tudied reasons for istishadi suicide bombings in jihadist groups is the concept of atonement. This article answers the following research questions: What role does guilt in Islam play in the motivations for male and female Sunni jihadist suicide bombers, and why is tawba not utilized?
doi:10.36304/expwmcup.2021.03 fatcat:xhtjp6deijbxjn4sibqdagrvqy