Effect of spring mid-support condition on the vibrations of the axially moving string

2020 International Advanced Researches and Engineering Journal  
In this study, the axially moving string with spring-loaded middle support is discussed. The supports assumed as simple support on the string both ends. The intermediate support shows the characteristics of the spring. The string velocity is accepted as harmonically varying around a mean value. The Hamiltonian principle is used to find the equations of motion. The equations of motion become nonlinear, considering the nonlinear effects caused by string extensions. The equations of motion and
more » ... dary conditions are become dimensionless by nondimensionalization. Approximate solutions were found by using multiple time scales which is one of the perturbation methods. By solving the linear problem that is obtained by the first terms of the perturbation series, the exact natural frequencies were calculated for the different locations of the mid-support, various spring coefficients, and various axial velocity values. The second-order nonlinear terms reveal the correction terms for the linear problem. Stability analysis is carried out for cases where the velocity change frequency is away from zero and two times the natural frequency. Stability boundaries are determined for the principal parametric resonance case.
doi:10.35860/iarej.757503 fatcat:637ycqrtkbhr3g3l7yyuibjqqm