Opportunities and challenges of carbon-based nanomaterials for cancer therapy

Alberto Bianco, Kostas Kostarelos, Maurizio Prato
2008 Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery  
C o p y r i g h t o f I n f o r m a U K L t d . P r i n t i n g a n d d i s t r i b u t i o n s t r i c t l y p r o h i b i t e d The possibility of incorporating carbon-based nanomaterials into living systems has opened the way for the investigation of their potential applications in the emerging field of nanomedicine. A wide variety of different nanomaterials based on allotropic forms of carbon, such as nanotubes, nanohorns and nanodiamonds, are currently being explored towards different
more » ... ards different biomedical applications. In this review, we discuss the recent advances in the development of these novel nanomaterials for cancer therapy. A comparison between the characteristics, the advantages, the drawbacks, the benefits and the risks associated with these novel biocompatible forms of carbon is presented here. Keywords: cancer t herapy , carbon n anohorns , carbon n anotubes , drug d elivery , nanodiamonds Expert Opin. Drug Deliv. (2008) 5(3):331-342
doi:10.1517/17425247.5.3.331 fatcat:yhrgvarea5aevfvjs63vdv6xdu