Part-II-New Advanced Synthesis for High Performance Anti-Corrosive Lubricants of some Selected Inorganic Pigments II-2D and 3D-Nanostructural Features of Laser Assisted Anatase Phase TiO2

Elsabawy KM, Refat MS, Fallatah AM
2018 International Journal of Chemical Sciences  
Introduction Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has many forms as nano-structured oxide and incorporated in many of technological, industrial applications as white colorant pigments, semiconductors, catalysis and electrochemical sensors due to their unique physical and structural features. The functional behavior of the produced TiO2 is strongly impacted and controlled by applied conditions of preparation, the size, orientations, morphology and crystalline form of the particles. Abstract Advanced solution
more » ... t Advanced solution route was successfully applied to synthesize nano-anatase. Ultrahigh energy He-Ag-Laser (224.3 nm) irradiations coupled with sonication were applied for the 1st time as grains sizes splitter (promoter to lower sizes). The present investigations managed to introduce thermally-stable anatase TiO2 with ultrahigh BET surface area (789 m 2 g -1 ). Ti(IV)-tetra iso- propoxide (TTIP) was applied as precursor for synthesizing nano-TiO2. The produced gel (HO-Ti-O-Ti-O-Ti-OH)n was divided into two equal portions one as blank and other one forwarded to sonication/laser irradiations treatments by time dose equal to ~10 min. of laser irradiations per hour of sonication. Finally produced irradiated Gel dried in oven at 130°C followed by microwave assist to avoid any solvent tracer and finally sintered at 560°C for 4 h. The produced Ti(IV) oxide was carefully investigated and well characterized by Raman spectra, XRD, SEM and 3D-AFM.
doi:10.21767/0972-768x.1000259 fatcat:gx7ny5roivfptnpxdgahcij4xy