A new calculation method of efficiency for gypsum and wastewater hydrocyclones in FGD unite in a power plant

Mehmet BİLEN
2021 Environmental Research and Technology  
ABS TR AC T This study was carried on hydrocyclones in the Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD) system of a local thermal power plant. In WFGD systems, hydrocyclones are used for classification in terms of PSD of limestone, dewatering the gypsum slurry and recycling the wastewater. Seperation efficiencies of hydrocyclones (waste water and gypsum) in power plant were calculated referring to each hydrocyclones' inlet size of D25. Results obtained with Malvern Mastersizer for the samples from each
more » ... samples from each exits of hydroclones were taken into consideration. Separation efficiency for waste water hydrocyclone was calculated as 4.0 % while it was calculated 77.5 % for gypsum hydrocyclone.
doi:10.35208/ert.841720 fatcat:yxjbi22aerfmpavoxc7ow5n2li