Progress in composites: microstructure- thermomechanical-property correlations of two-phase and porous materials [report]

G. Ondracek
281 The paper basically deals \•Tith the aim, to a get a better scientific insight into the effects of microstructure and properties of multi-phase and porous materials and to use the results technologically for tailoring those materials. First the theory of microstructure-property correlations including both, the bound concept and the model concept, is described using conductivity and Youngs modulus of elasticity as property examples. Since in the frame of the theoretical derivation no fitting
more » ... rivation no fitting factors have been permitted to be introduced into the bound equations and constitutive equations the determination of the microstructural factors by quantitative microstructural analysis is demonstrated in the second part of the contribution. By comparing measured and calculated property values for porous ceramics, graphite and metals as well as cermets, metalpolymer and polymer-ceramic-composites the equations are tested for engineering conditions. Finally the dependences of the thermal conductivity and Youngs modulus of elasticity on porosity are used to predict the thermal shock resistance of porous glass and to compare the results wi th experimental values.
doi:10.5445/ir/270023687 fatcat:ufad3chnbreqnfbj2qha7v6u6m