What are universities for?

David Watson
2012 London Review of Education  
tivity, the origins of ideas and an appreciation of creative education in contexts with which I was not familiar. I had my views and beliefs challenged on numerous occasions and I felt inspired by new ideas I encountered. There is a fundamental professional development challenge underlying many of the ideas in this volume; 'the demands [these readings] implicitly make of teachers -that they develop a knowledge of the lifeworlds of students, the modalities of contemporary arts practice, and of
more » ... e value to pedagogy of ethnographic research methods' (Jones, 189). Not to mention the displacement of controlling with facilitative pedagogies that encourage learners to be independent thinking, autonomous and collaborative learners. Given that this is a book about creativity and creative learning and many people are stimulated as much by visual representation as by text, perhaps more thought could have been given to engaging with the visual dimensions of literacy in the communication of ideas. Also, I felt that more attention could have been given to developments outside the school system which ultimately could feedback and forward into thinking and practice. Perhaps also the pedagogic focus on school education meant that other pedagogic and research contexts like work and other social environments for creative development, are not well represented. For example, there is no mention of Richard Greene's important work on multiple models of creativity and capability and their implication's for creative learning and education in school. Like all good handbooks, a wealth of material is presented in a clear, concise and understandable way and this handbook will provide researchers with a reference starting point for understanding the research base for the field of creative learning and its application in education. This is a most valuable collection of writings on a subject that is crucial to the age we live in. Together, these articles make a useful and significant contribution to our understandings about where we have come from and show us the direction we are travelling.
doi:10.1080/14748460.2012.691289 fatcat:pcyz4lzyk5dpfe4oznbxi7a4mq