Mirosław Szubartowski
2015 Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport  
In this paper there have been presented results of an analysis of repair efficiency for an emergency repair subsystem (technical service units) in a selected transportation system. The research object was a real system of municipal transportation, in a given urban agglomeration. Experimental data, necessary to determine values of indexes describing efficiency of repairs performed by the technical service units, come from a selected group of technical objects (city buses) used in the analyzed
more » ... in the analyzed system. The data was obtained on the basis of experimental tests conducted within the studied system, employing a method of passive experiment, in conditions natural for the technical objects functioning. This work presents a method according to which the values have been determined and the analysis of efficiency of repairs performed within the emergency subsystem has been made. The values of repair efficiency assessment concern selected systems of the analyzed buses. The selection of these systems was made taking into consideration the number of the studied systems failures. The obtained results have been demonstrated in the form of tables and graphically, in charts. On this basis, there has been made an analysis of efficiency of repairs performed by emergency repair units. Due to its general character, the presented method can be used for an assessment of repair efficiency both within operation and maintenance systems of technical objects of different types and efficiency of repairs performed at particular repair stations, groups of stations or subsystems providing vehicles with serviceability.
doi:10.5604/12314005.1138269 fatcat:nizewiocifhltgk2e5mrfafhgm