Dimensional flow in the kappa-deformed spacetime

Anjana V., E. Harikumar
2015 Physical Review D  
We derive the modified diffusion equations defined on kappa-space-time and using these, investigate the change in the spectral dimension of kappa-space-time with the probe scale. These deformed diffusion equations are derived by applying Wick's rotation to the κ-deformed Schrödinger equations obtained from different choices of Klein-Gordon equations in the κ-deformed space-time. Using the solutions of these equations, obtained by perturbative method, we calculate the spectral dimension for
more » ... rent choices of the generalized Laplacian and analyse the dimensional flow in the κ-space-time. In the limit of commutative space-time, we recover the well known equality of spectral dimension and topological dimension. We show that the higher derivative term in the deformed diffusion equations make the spectral dimension unbounded (from below) at high energies. We show that the finite mass of the probe results in the spectral dimension to become infinitely negative at low energies also. In all the cases, we have analysed the effect of finite size of the probe on the spectral dimension.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.92.045014 fatcat:knnqizzl5ngbvl5rjowabjvkme