Mitigation and Detection of Jellyfish Delay Variance Attack in MANET

Ankit Vaghela, Ashish Patel
2017 unpublished
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is more vulnerable to different types of attacks due to its insecure communication medium, no centralize administration and dynamic forming topology. Jellyfish is a new type of DOS attack which is focus on closed loop protocols like TCP and it create problem in the communication process without violating any protocols rules thus, detection of this type of attack become quite difficult. A main target of this attack is to decrease the throughput and increase the end
more » ... o end delay which drastically affects the network which leads to degrade the overall performance of network. In our research, we are going to analyze behaviour and impact of Jellyfish attack over a TCP based MANET under the AODV protocol and proposes a new technique which can be used to detect and mitigate the Jellyfish delay variance (JFDV) attack using Network Simulation 2(NS2).