Optical imaging with spectrum aberration correction using a filtering macrolens

Yu-Hsuan Lin, Jyun-Yi Lai, Hsin-Yi Tsai, Han-Chao Chang, Hung Ji Huang, Yung-Fu Chen, Kuo-Cheng Huang
2013 Applied Optics  
A filtering macrolens was developed to simultaneously achieve macro-optical imaging and correct spectrum aberration. The macrolens was a doublet lens comprising a filtering lens and a close-up lens. The shape of the filtering lens was designed to eliminate the optical path differences between the light rays in the absorbing medium. The close-up lens was designed to decrease the effective focal length of an ordinary camera lens to provide high magnification capability and collimate the diverging
more » ... imate the diverging beams through the filtering lens. Experimental results demonstrated that the spectrum uniformity of the macro-optical images was markedly improved by the filtering macrolens. This innovation may be used in finite conjugate optical systems.
doi:10.1364/ao.52.005058 pmid:23872748 fatcat:7xyx4ktak5dlvjz5edd62z6rki