Transition Metal Complexes of a Novel Mannich Base 7-Diethylaminocinnamyl-8-hydroxyquinoline: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation

Valarselvan, Sabastiyan, Subramanian, Shanmugavadivel
2014 International Journal of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry   unpublished
The Mannich base 7-diethylaminocinnamyl-8-hydroxyquinoline was synthesized by the condensation of 8-hydroxyquinoline, diethylamine and cinnamaldehyde in 1:1:1 mole ratio. Transition metal complexes, [ML 2 Cl 2 ] were prepared by the interaction of MCl 2 .nH 2 O (M = Co, Ni and Cu) with the Mannich base. The synthesized ligand and complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility and spectral measurements. The IR spectral data suggest the involvement
more » ... st the involvement of hydroxyl oxygen and diethylamino nitrogen atoms of the ligand in coordination to the central metal ion. On the basis of spectral and magnetic data, an octahedral geometry has been assigned to all the complexes studied. The free ligand and its metal chloro complexes have been screened against a number of microorganisms in order to assess their antimicrobial potency.