A Reading Essay on Hegel's View of Right

2014 Kaygı Uludağ Üniversitesi Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Felsefe Dergisi  
In this study, Hegel's view of right shall be comprehensively taken in hand which Hegel had mentioned in his Philosophy of Right and the concept of the constitutional state idea shall be emphasized in reference to the present problems pursuant to Hegel's judgments. In this regard, to what extent the forming of a state which is subject to the constitution can provide opportunities for us to cope with the existing problems shall be tried to put forward. Primarily, the concept of universal put
more » ... h by Hegel shall be addressed and the importance of thinking upon the possibility of a universal right shall be emphasized. Later on, Hegel's approach towards right shall be explained, thus creating the framework of the concept of right. Lastly, an evaluation shall be carried out depending on Hegel's ideas and what meanings of Hegel's statements which may hold in today's world shall be tried to set forth.
doi:10.20981/kuufefd.45125 fatcat:unsrc7si2vcdrfuvvsfvjjvgv4