FlexAmata: A Universal and Efficient Adaption of Applications to Spatial Automata Processing Accelerators

Elaheh Sadredini, Reza Rahimi, Marzieh Lenjani, Mircea Stan, Kevin Skadron
2020 Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems  
Pattern matching, especially for complex patterns with many variations, is an important task in many big-data applications and maps well to finite automata. Recently, a variety of research has focused on hardware acceleration of automata processing, especially via spatial architectures that directly map the patterns to massively parallel hardware elements, such as in FPGAs and in-memory solutions. We observed that all existing automata-acceleration architectures are designed based on fixed,
more » ... t symbol processing, derived from ASCII processing. However, the alphabet size in pattern-matching applications varies from just a few up to billions of unique symbols. This makes it difficult to provide a universal and efficient mapping of this wide variety of automata applications to existing automata accelerators. In this paper, we present FlexAmata, a compiler solution for efficient adaption of applications with any alphabet size to existing pattern-matching accelerators. We demonstrate that this can increase automata processing efficiency in two ways. First, this improves resource utilization for applications with small alphabets and enables hardware acceleration for applications with very large alphabets (which otherwise would not map to hardware accelerators). Second, this enables the exploration of optimized bitwidth processing for future spatial hardware accelerators. We leverage FlexAmata and investigate the hardware implications of different bitwidth processing rates on the two state-of-the-art spatial accelerators, Cache Automaton (CA) and FPGAs. Our exploration across a wide range of automata benchmarks reveals that 4-bit processing rate on CA and 16-bit processing rate
doi:10.1145/3373376.3378459 dblp:conf/asplos/SadrediniRLSS20 fatcat:p4qx4256efalrdwcy5o3qbma7u