Application to 2-D Page-oriented Data Optical Cryptography Based on CFB Mode
CFB 모드에 기반한 2 차원 페이지 데이터의 광학적 암호화 응용

Sang-Keun Gil
2015 Journal of IKEEE  
This paper proposes an optical cryptography application to 2-D page-oriented data based on CFB(Cipher Feedback) mode algorithm. The proposed method uses a free-space optical interconnected dual-encoding technique which performs XOR logic operations in order to implement 2-D page-oriented data encryption. The proposed method provides more enhanced cryptosystem with greater security strength than the conventional CFB block mode with 1-D encryption key due to the huge encryption key with 2-D
more » ... key with 2-D arrayed page type. To verify the proposed method, encryption and decryption of 2-D page data and error analysis are carried out by computer simulations. The results show that the proposed CFB optical encryption system makes it possible to implement stronger cryptosystem with massive data processing and long encryption key compared to 1-D block method.
doi:10.7471/ikeee.2015.19.3.424 fatcat:t57u2ztobfdofj5v3kw4jzw7hy