Long Term Stability of SOFC with Sc Doped Zirconia Electrolyte

Dirk Herbstritt, Christian Warga, André Weber, Ellen Ivers-Tiffée
2001 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
10 mol% scandium doped ZrO2 (lOScSZ) was investigated as an electrolyte material for electrolyte supported single cells. The cells with an electrolyte thickness of 200 /im and an electrode area of 10 cm2 have been characterised by I/V-measurement and impedance spectroscopy. To decrease the ohmic losses, lOScSZ was applied for the electrolyte substrate as well as in the anode cermet and the multilayer cathode. To decrease the cathodic polarisation losses a LSM thin film cathode layer covered by
more » ... screenprinted LSM layer was applied. A maximum power density of 0.35 W/cm2 at 800 °C was achieved in air (0.7 1/min) and hydrogen (0.5 1/min). Long term measurements at 950 °C for more than 3500 h at a current density of 400 mA/cm2 showed a significant increase in electrical power output during the first 1000 h.
doi:10.1149/200116.0349pv fatcat:ytepamjqjvb3rl6lcmqo4vurfe