A limit characterization for the number of spanning trees of graphs

S.D. Nikolopoulos, C. Nomikos, P. Rondogiannis
2004 Information Processing Letters  
In this paper we propose a limit characterization of the behaviour of classes of graphs with respect to their number of spanning trees. Let {G n } be a sequence of graphs G 0 , G 1 , G 2 , . . . that belong to a particular class. We consider graphs of the form K n − G n that result from the complete graph K n after removing a set of edges that span G n . We study the spanning tree behaviour of the sequence {K n − G n } when n → ∞ and the number of edges of G n scales according to n. More
more » ... cally, we define the spanning tree indicator α({G n }), a quantity that characterizes the spanning tree behaviour of {K n − G n }. We derive closed formulas for the spanning tree indicators for certain well-known classes of graphs. Finally, we demonstrate that the indicator can be used to compare the spanning tree behaviour of different classes of graphs (even when their members never happen to have the same number of edges).
doi:10.1016/j.ipl.2004.03.001 fatcat:qqvn2gqabnczrkzhdajaemyiru