Anomalous Behaviour of Electrical Resistivity and Elastic Constants in Quenched β (Au–Cd)+Cu Alloys

Yoshie Matsuo, Kaori Miyata, Toshiharu Suzuki
1988 Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals  
Measurements of electrical resistivity and elastic constants in quenched Au-47.5 at%Cd-0.75 at%Cu and Au-49.0 at%Cd-0 75 at%Cu allovs have been carried out as a function of temperature The has been observed that the resistivity anomaly occurs at about 380 K for both alloys. In the quenched Au-47.5 at%Cd-0.75 at%Cu alloy, the elastic constants C'=(C11-C12)/2 and C44 have also exhibited anomalous behaviour at about 380 K: the C' decreases drastically and the C44 increases slightly at this
more » ... tly at this temperature. It has been found, on the other hand, that in the quenched Au-49.0 at%Cd-0.75 at%Cu alloy, there is no anomaly in the elastic constants C' and C44 at about 380 K in spite of the occurrence of the remarkable resistivity anomaly. the basis of these results, and a possible explanation of the effect of quenching on the martensitic transformation is presented.
doi:10.2320/matertrans1960.29.947 fatcat:ahonzsfgxjeo5kztqqhpypl6xa