Pushing the Performance Limits of SiGe HBT Technology

Marwan H. Khater, Thomas Adam, Jae-Sung Rieh, Kathryn Schonenberg, Francois Pagette, Kenneth Stein, Shwu-Jen Jeng, David Ahlgren, Gregory Freeman
2006 ECS Transactions   unpublished
on, NY 12533, USA c School of El ectri cal Engi neeri ng, Korea Uni vers i ty, Seoul , Korea 136-701 The i mpl ementati on of chal l engi ng novel materi al s and proces s techni ques has l ed to remarkabl e devi ce i mprovements i n s tate-ofthe-art hi gh-perf ormance Si Ge HBTs , ri val i ng thei r I I I -V compound s emi conductor counterparts . Verti cal s cal i ng, l ateral s cal i ng, and devi ce s tructure i nnovati on requi red to i mprove Si Ge HBTs perf ormance have benef i ted f rom
more » ... benef i ted f rom advanced materi al s and proces s techni ques bei ng devel oped f or next generati on CMOS technol ogy. I n thi s work, we pres ent a revi ew of recent proces s and materi al s devel opment enabl i ng operati onal s peeds of Si Ge HBTs i n exces s of 350 GHz . I n addi ti on, chal l enges of new proces s technol ogi es and materi al s i mpl ementati on to i mprove the devi ce perf ormance wi l l be di s cus s ed.
doi:10.1149/1.2355832 fatcat:rj7kerjx7zgixn3avpa2opfz3i