RHIC operation with asymmetric collisions in 2015 [report]

C. Liu, C. Aschenauer, G. Atoian, M. Blaskiewicz, K. A. Brown, D. Bruno, R. Connolly, T. D. Ottavio, K. A. Drees, W. Fischer, C. J. Gardner, X. Gu (+36 others)
2015 unpublished
Collisions with beams of highly asymmetric rigidities (proton-Gold and proton-Aluminum) were provided for the RHIC physics programs in 2015. Magnets were moved for the first time in RHIC prior to the run to accommodate the asymmetric beam trajectories during acceleration and at store. A special ramping scheme was designed to keep the revolution frequencies of the beams in the two rings equal. The unique operational experience of the asymmetric run will be reviewed. SUMMARY RHIC p-Au and p-Al
more » ... s in 2015 were challenging, but successful. The collision of proton and even heavier ions than gold is possible with similar machine configurations for p-Au collision. The operational experience of p-Au and p-Al special ramp is unique. The 1.75-hr turn-around time between stores was realized by quick mode switching of the injectors and professionalism of the operators. The switching from p-Au to p-Al run took only 16 hrs, the quickest mode switch in RHIC history.
doi:10.2172/1214539 fatcat:qyine32v4fbolcrk6koqqbzr6i