2-aminoethylthiol substituted cobalt and manganese phthalocyanines: spectroscopic and electrochemical investigations

Owolabi M. BANKOLE
2018 Leonardo Journal of Sciences  
Spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of 4-(2-aminoethylthio phthalocyanato complexes of cobalt (complex 3) and manganese (complex 4) were investigated. The UV-Vis spectral properties of the complexes were typical of the nature of central metal (cobalt versus manganese) phthalocyanine. The Q-band of manganese 4-(2-aminoethylthio) phthalocyanine is red shifted with respect to cobalt manganese 4-(2-aminoethylthio) phthalocyanine. Solution electrochemistry of complex 3 showed three
more » ... owed three distinctly resolved redox processes attributed to (), () and / ( ). No ring based oxidation was observed in complex 3. Complex 4 showed both ring-based oxidation, attributed to ( ) and ring-based reduction associated with ( ), with the normal metal reduction, / ( ). The cathodic to anodic differences (E) of redox processes observed for 4 are 180mV and 130 mV while the cathodic to anodic peak difference (E) for 3 are 290 mV and 210 mV at processes I and II. By virture of this, manganese 4-(2-aminoethylthio) phthalocyanine complex has better electron transfer processes than the cobalt analogue.
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