A thermal neutrino interaction rate at NLO

G. Jackson, M. Laine
2020 Nuclear Physics B  
The interaction rate of an ultrarelativistic active neutrino at a temperature below the electroweak crossover plays a role in leptogenesis scenarios based on oscillations between active neutrinos and GeVscale sterile neutrinos. By making use of a Euclideanization property of a thermal light-cone correlator, we determine the O(g) correction to such an interaction rate in the high-temperature limit πT m W , finding a ∼ 15...40% reduction. For a benchmark point, this NLO correction decreases the
more » ... ion decreases the lepton asymmetries produced by ∼ 1%.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2019.114870 fatcat:6dcfxbz3lnbpjicgfkxhxkx454