Complex Chebyshev Polynomials on Circular Sectors with Degree Six or Less

U. Grothkopf, G. Opfer
1982 Mathematics of Computation  
Let T" denote the nth Chebyshev polynomial on the circular sector S" = [z: \z\< 1, | argz|< a). This paper contains numerical values of ||7^*||^ and the corresponding coefficients of T£ for n = 1(1)6 and a = 0°(5°)180°. Also all critical angles for T°, n = 1(1)6 are listed, where an angle is called critical when the number of absolute maxima of ¡ T" \ changes at that angle. All figures are given to six places. The positions (and hence the number) of extremal points of T", n = 1(1)6 are
more » ... graphically. The method consists of a combination of semi-infinite linear programming, finite linear programming, and Newton's method.
doi:10.2307/2007337 fatcat:x6ftwcwyzba4vejvyhcayzzmmy