Genotype by environment interaction for main winter triticale varieties characteristics at two levels of technology using additive main effects and multiplicative interaction model

Jan Bocianowski, Anna Tratwal, Kamila Nowosad
2021 Euphytica  
AbstractThe aim of this study was to assess genotype by environment interaction for grain yield, plant height and thousand-grain weight in winter triticale cultivars by the additive main effects and multiplicative interaction (AMMI) model. The study comprised of ten winter triticale varieties i.e.: Algoso, Baltiko, Grenado, Magnat, Moderato, Pawo, Todan, Trimester, Trismart and Witon. Field trials were performed at seven locations in three years (21 environments) in a randomized complete block
more » ... esign, with two replicates at two levels of cultivation technology (standard – A1 and intensive – A2). Field experiments were carried out as part of Post Registration Variety Trials in Wielkopolska region. AMMI analyses revealed significant genotype and environmental effects as well as genotype by environmental interaction with respect to all three observed traits in both levels of cultivation intensity. The cultivars Algoso, Baltiko and Trimester are recommended for further inclusion in the breeding programs because of their stability and good average values of observed traits.
doi:10.1007/s10681-020-02756-x fatcat:jpye6w7bwvgibacyosuq6qjbvi