Acculturating Adult Learners' Critical Thinking by Limited Facilitation on Virtual Courses

Hermayawati Hermayawati
2021 Universal Journal of Educational Research  
The worldwide phenomenon of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (the Covid-19) has disrupted many sectors, including the educational process in higher-level education in Indonesia. Such condition has endorsed the stakeholders to find media, strategy and materials to optimize both the learning output and outcomes. This article is an ongoing applied study addressed to illustrate a hundred adult learners' process in acculturating their critical thinking through HOTS and meta-cognitive dimension with the
more » ... dimension with the limited virtual course facilities. Four steps were carried out to cultivate the students' critical thinking, such as: (1) acculturating learning through HOTS & meta-cognition; (2) involving students in self-accessing on the selected online cultural materials; (3) conducting online group discussion on the self-accessed materials to comprehend the content of the materials; (4) evaluating other group works. The aforementioned phases need both the students' HOTS and meta-cognitive dimension inter-vented through PIORE (Planning, Implementing, Observing, Reflecting and Evaluating) procedure. A closed-questionnaire and pretest-post-test were used to collect data of the students' before-after learning process through HOTS and meta-cognitive dimension improvement. The first year investigation reveals that they have been well-acculturated to explore their critical thinking both in delivering and responding to the given queries stimulus. It was shown by the gain score achievement of 2.4. This score resulted from Md (Mean Difference was 5.0 to 7.4). This was considered less-optimal due to the limitations of the existing online media, in addition to the ineffectiveness of internet access in their living areas. Such findings provide forthcoming issues to solve for future studies.
doi:10.13189/ujer.2021.090208 fatcat:lrkyu5jd5fctvcgzmcx555ndmu