Two-Component Interference Effect: Model of a Spin-Polarized Transport

P. Šeba, P. Exner, K. N. Pichugin, A. Vyhnal, P. Středa
2001 Physical Review Letters  
Effect of the spin-involved interaction of electrons with impurity atoms or defects to the transport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas is described by using a simplifying two-component model. Components representing spin-up and spin-down states are supposed to be coupled at a discrete set of points within a conduction channel. The used limit of the short-range interaction allows to solve the relevant scattering problem exactly. By varying the model parameters different transport
more » ... es of two-terminal devices with ferromagnetic contacts can be described. In a quasi-ballistic regime the resulting difference between conductances for the parallel and antiparallel orientation of the contact magnetization changes its sign as a function of the length of the conduction channel if appropriate model parameters are chosen. The effect is in agreement with recent experimental observations.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.86.1598 pmid:11290202 fatcat:isnm5bogrnajtoy5p4a2ulezka