An Adaptive Inverse-Distance Weighting Interpolation Method Considering Spatial Differentiation in 3D Geological Modeling

Zhen Liu, Zhilong Zhang, Cuiying Zhou, Weihua Ming, Zichun Du
2021 Geosciences  
The inverse-distance weighting interpolation is widely used in 3D geological modeling and directly affects the accuracy of models. With the development of "smart" or "intelligent" geology, classical inverse-distance weighting interpolation cannot meet the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency requirements of large-scale 3D geological models in these fields. Although the improved inverse-distance weighting interpolation can basically meet the requirements of accuracy and reliability, it cannot
more » ... et the requirements of efficiency at the same time. In response to these limitations, the adaptive inverse-distance weighting interpolation method based on geological attribute spatial differentiation and geological attribute feature adaptation was proposed. This method takes into account the spatial differentiation of geological attributes to improve the accuracy and considers the first-order neighborhood selection strategy to adaptively improve efficiency to meet above requirements of large-scale geological modeling. The proposed method was applied to an area in eastern China, and the results of the proposed method, compared to the results of classical inverse-distance weighting interpolation and improved inverse-distance weighting interpolation, suggest that the problems encountered above in large-scale geological modeling can be solved with the proposed method. The method can provide effective support for large-scale 3D geological modeling in smart geology.
doi:10.3390/geosciences11020051 fatcat:fmbvjmt4azas3pmfftb6sxst2y