Physiological Effects of the Electrogenic Current Generated by the Na /K Pump in Mammalian Articular Chondrocytes [post]

Mary M Maleckar, Pablo Martín-Vasallo, Wayne R Giles, Ali Mobasheri
2020 unpublished
Background: Although the chondrocyte is a non-excitable cell, there is strong interest in gaining detailed knowledge of its ion pumps, channels, exchangers and transporters. In combination, these transport mechanisms set the resting potential, regulate cell volume and strongly modulate responses of the chondrocyte to endocrine agents and physicochemical alterations in the surrounding extracellular micro-environment.Materials and Methods: Mathematical modeling was used to assess the functional
more » ... ss the functional roles of energy-requiring active transport, the Na+/K+ pump, in chondrocytes.Results: Our findings illustrate plausible physiological roles for the Na+/K+ pump in regulating the resting membrane potential and suggest ways in which specific molecular components of pump can respond to the unique electrochemical environment of the chondrocyte.Conclusion: This analysis provides a basis for linking chondrocyte electrophysiology to metabolism and yields insights into novel ways of manipulating or regulating responsiveness to external stimuli both under baseline conditions and in chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis (OA).
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:jwdxixgnerbyjps5tirhmqwnpu