Terpenoids from the Octocorals Menella sp. (Plexauridae) and Lobophytum crassum (Alcyonacea)

Cheng-Hung Lee, Chia-Ying Kao, Shih-Yao Kao, Chih-Han Chang, Jui-Hsin Su, Tsong-Long Hwang, Yueh-Hsiung Kuo, Zhi-Hong Wen, Ping-Jyun Sung
2012 Marine Drugs  
A new germacrane-type sesquiterpenoid, menelloide E (1), and a new cembrane-type diterpenoid, lobocrassin F (2), were isolated from the octocorals Menella sp. and Lobophytum crassum, respectively. The structures of terpenoids 1 and 2 were determined by spectroscopic and chemical methods and compound 2 was found to display a significant inhibitory effect on the release of elastase by human neutrophils.
doi:10.3390/md10020427 pmid:22412810 pmcid:PMC3297006 fatcat:eziv6dsr7bfg3fpvyje7guhnqa