A Novel Dual Output Schmitt Trigger Using Second Generation Current Controlled Conveyor

Syed Zahiruddin, Avireni Srinivasulu, Musala Sarada
2020 Electronics  
Schmitt trigger is designed using the single second generation Current Controlled Conveyor. The proposed configuration utilizes single CCCII and only two externally connected resistors and is able to produce dual output square wave signal. The topology has the benefit of having a simple circuit, offering a large bandwidth and improved slew rate. PSPICE simulator using OrCad 16.3 version, 0.35 μm CMOS technology is used to verify the design, hysteresis is determined and compared with the
more » ... methods available in the literature. The proposed configuration is tested using the experimental setup involving CFOA (AD844AN) and OTA (LM13700). The results have been found satisfactory in both simulation and experimental aspect. Montecarlo analysis and orstcase analysis are determined to prove the circuit efficiency in terms of critical parameters such as resistance with a tolerance of 5%. The hysteresis is also determined, that can reduce the effect of noise, able to produce exact square wave at the output. Schmitt trigger circuits find the applications in the field of Bio medical applications, analog signal processing, communication systems, waveform generators, pulse width modulators, multivibrators, flip-flops and in many other amplifier circuits. The basic application of Schmitt trigger is a square wave generator. The proposed topology is the best suited for monolithic IC fabrication.
doi:10.7251/els2024047s fatcat:ubvffbr4ybdahcsd7cq4f32s3y