Influence of Cu-speciation in Mordenite on Direct Methane to Methanol Conversion: multi-technique characterization and comparison with NH3 Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx

Dimitrios K. Pappas, Karoline Kvande, Maria Kalyva, Michael Dyballa, Kirill A. Lomachenko, Bjørnar Arstad, Elisa Borfecchia, Silvia Bordiga, Unni Olsbye, Pablo Beato, Stian Svelle
2020 Catalysis Today  
The direct conversion of methane to methanol has the potential of substantially reducing methane emissions and flaring, as such a process might provide an alternative for remote natural gas locations. In this report, we investigate the performance of a range of Cu-exchanged mordenite zeolites as active materials for such a reaction, employing a stepwise protocol comprising activation in oxygen, methane loading, and methanol extraction with steam. We employ in situ HERFD XANES, FT-IR
more » ... with CO as probe molecule, and XPS to investigate the Cu species in the zeolites during the process. The activity of the materials is investigated both for methane to methanol conversion and NH 3 Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO x . It is demonstrated that, despite the fact that the same zeolite materials are active both for NH 3 -SCR and direct methane to methanol conversion, the active site requirements for these two reactions are different.
doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2020.06.050 fatcat:qjacwoe5ijbtxbslnzgc7cvfve