Adaptive Multi-Scale Fusion of Image Deblurring Networks for Drone and Aerial Remote Sensing Object Detection [post]

Baoyu Zhu, Qunbo Lv, Zheng Tan
2022 unpublished
Drone and aerial remote sensing images are widely used, but their imaging environment is complex and prone to image blurring. Existing CNN deblurring algorithms usually use multi-scale fusion to extract features in order to make full use of aerial remote sensing blurred image information, but images with different degrees of blurring use the same weights, leading to increasing errors in the feature fusion process layer by layer. Based on the physical properties of image blurring, this paper
more » ... oses an adaptive multi-scale fusion blind deblurred generative adversarial network (AMD-GAN), which innovatively applies the degree of image blurring to guide the adjustment of the weights of multi-scale fusion, effectively suppressing the errors in the multi-scale fusion process and enhancing the interpretability of the feature layer. The research work in this paper reveals the necessity and effectiveness of a priori information on image blurring levels in image deblurring tasks. By studying and exploring the image blurring levels, the network model focuses more on the basic physical features of image blurring. Meanwhile, this paper proposes an image blurring degree description model, which can effectively represent the blurring degree of aerial remote sensing images. The comparison experiments show that the algorithm in this paper can effectively recover images with different degrees of blur, obtain high-quality images with clear texture details, outperform the comparison algorithm in both qualitative and quantitative evaluation, and can effectively improve the object detection performance of aerial remote sensing blurred images. Moreover, the average PSNR of this paper's algorithm tested on the publicly available dataset RealBlur-R reached 41.02dB, surpassing the latest SOTA algorithm.
doi:10.20944/preprints202212.0570.v1 fatcat:m5cdfsp255chvle6ytguk3ytbu