Interior Materials Combination and Perceived Indoor Air Quality

Ingrid Juhasova Senitkova, K. Prušková, M. Vochozka, I. Juhásová Šenitková, H. Fariborz, J. Váchal, F. Kulhánek, P. Juhás, J. Mareček, J. Oláh, M. Flimel, J. Melcher (+1 others)
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The materials used in the buildings, either as surface structural materials or as furnishings, are mostly the sources of indoor air pollution. Interior surfaces are generally accepted as the main source of indoor TVOCs emissions. The poor indoor microclimate quality can cause the sick building syndrome, as well as negatively affects the people activities and wellbeing. In recent years the needs of indoor air quality and building performance improvement have been increasing. The indoor materials
more » ... impact on perceived indoor air quality for various surface interior materials and its combination was studied within this paper. Traditional and progressive materials comparison reveals new fact regarding the TVOCs concentration. The task of the study was to investigate the possibility using individual material surfaces sorption ability. The chemical analysis and sensory assessments identifies health adverse of indoor air pollutants (TVOCs). Also we can use knowledge about the targeted use of sorption effect already in the building design phase. The results demonstrate the various sorption abilities of various indoor materials as well as various sorption ability of the same indoor material in various combinations.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201927903001 fatcat:y4lipuygfzb2fibmz7m5dkgqya