Assessing the Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus and Impaired Fasting Glucose Level and Their Risk Factors among Federal Police Members at Federal Police Commission Residing In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between April and May 2015

Tariku Tesfaye
Globally, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus across various occupational groups and its relationship with an occupational factor is a topic of recent interest. Police officers as an occupational group are exposed to unhealthy life style, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking which intern leads to diabetes mellitus and other cardiovascular diseases than the general population. Due to this reason the present study were conducted among federal police officers in Addis Ababa. Objectives: The
more » ... . Objectives: The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose level and identify their risk factors among federal police members at Federal Police Commission residing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia between April and May 2015 Methodology: A cross-sectional study was employed using multi-stage sampling technique. The study populations were all federal police members living in Addis Ababa and served the police commission for at least a year. The total sample size for the study was 1003. The data were collected using structured questionnaire, physical examinations and blood samples, by using the WHO stepwise approach. Data were entered into SPSS version 20.0. The entered data were cleaned and analyzed Frequency distributions, percentage, tables and charts were used to show result of univariate analysis. Cross tabulation, chi-square tests, and 95% confidence interval used to present results of bivariate analysis. Multivariate logistic regression analyses were done to control potential confounding variables. xi Result: Out of 1003 eligible subjects 936 (93.3) police officer were participated in this study. Of the total subjects tested for blood glucose level the prevalence of impaired glucose homeostasis (IGH) were 13%, out of which 47 (5.0 %) were diabetes and 73 (8.0%) impaired fasting glucose. Age ≥45 years (p=0.044, AOR= 4.9 (1.04, 23.1)), having history of first degree relative who suffered from diabetes (P=0.008, AOR= 3.2 (1.4, 7.5)), and Hypertension (P=0.000, AOR= 4.5 (2.6, 7.8 [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/12921 fatcat:3asaw4wkx5ggpps6yerefs5ray