A proactive recommendation system for writing

Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo, Lou Boves, Anita Deshpande, Olga Muñoz Ramos
2007 Proceedings of the 14th European conference on Cognitive ergonomics invent! explore! - ECCE '07  
Motivation -Finding appropriate information while writing a scientific paper is essential, but also difficult and time consuming. A Proactive Recommender System (PRS) retrieves information relevant to the text being written, and presents it automatically. However, current PRSs overlook that writing is a demanding task, affected by interruptions. We look for those moments during writing where finding information is important and where proactive presentation interrupts least. Our goal is to
more » ... p a PRS for professional writers that presents information non-intrusively and timely so as to minimize disturbing the writing process. Research approach -Finding information is most needed during Reviewing and Planning. In two experiments we explore the effects of a PRS during these phases. Findings -PRSs speed up writing and improve the quality of the text compared to situations where writers have to look for information actively. Originality/Value -Our research will change the design of PRSs and enhance our understanding of complex cognitive tasks such as writing and how electronic information processing tools affect them. Take away message -We can turn interruptions in complex cognitive tasks into an advantage in terms of time and the quality, provided that the interruption comes at the right time and the information offered is relevant and accurate. Future research should focus on precisely this: when are interrupts least disturbing and how to make PRSs more accurate and relevant.
doi:10.1145/1362550.1362569 dblp:conf/ecce/MelguizoBDR07 fatcat:kv7h4w637vb47iwad3om53se6u