High localization, focal depth and contrast by means of nonlinear Bessel beams

Paolo Polesana, Daniele Faccio, Paolo Di Trapani, Audrius Dubietis, Algis Piskarskas, Arnaud Couairon, Miguel A. Porras
2005 Optics Express  
We show an experimental and computational comparison between the resolution power, the contrast and the focal depth of a nonlinearly propagated diffraction-free beam and of other beams (a linear and a nonlinearly propagated Gaussian pulse): launching a nondiffractive Bessel pulse in a solution of Coumarine 120 in methanol creates a high contrast, 40 mm long, 10 μm width fluorescence channel excited by 3-photon absorption process. This fluorescence channel exhibits the same contrast and
more » ... n of a tightly focused Gaussian pulse, but reaches a focal depth that outclasses by orders of magnitude that reached by an equivalent Gaussian pulse.
doi:10.1364/opex.13.006160 pmid:19498627 fatcat:422w45d6rzg35fmj3oi67ajlie